Any News on MovieMaterial?

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Qbrain, Member
Posted: 26 February 2012 11:30 PM   Total Posts: 92

Hey There!

I was wondering if there was some progress on implementing MovieMaterial in Away3D 4? I though maybe since the Beta has some large changes internally, it would be easier to create such a feature now?

I tried it making it myself by using the updater idea from the VideoMaterial class, but it has a lot of problems.. (for example, the mouseclick events on a texture..)

I would love to see away3D 4 being able to use Flash MovieClips as texture, that would make a lot of work easier and a lot of new possibilities available.

I know you are working on it, just would love to hear a status update smile

Thanks in advance!



Lucid, Member
Posted: 01 March 2012 06:07 PM   Total Posts: 93   [ # 1 ]

@ Away3D Team

Yes, I too am interested in knowing about this. Will there, in fact, be a MovieMaterial and are you working on it?


Lucid, Member
Posted: 02 March 2012 08:32 AM   Total Posts: 93   [ # 2 ]

Perhaps this question isn’t reaching the Away3D team. So, maybe we need to keep the thread alive with weekly / daily replies until the answer surfaces.


Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 02 March 2012 08:54 AM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 3 ]

We hear you smile
Yes, we are looking at this. Not just movieclips, but animated materials, video, cam feed etc… they do require a smarter approach (more efficient) than in previous versions…
First the mouse picking needed an update (was also failing on mobiles). Now that it’s almost final, we’ll be able to work on these.


Lucid, Member
Posted: 02 March 2012 09:15 AM   Total Posts: 93   [ # 4 ]

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Lucid, Member
Posted: 02 March 2012 10:36 AM   Total Posts: 93   [ # 5 ]

If I had one request (above all others) it would be to allow StageVideo to be used as Textures somehow. If not StageVideo, some other feature where large, non 1:1 video textures could be used as textures without completely destroying performance. Something like a 2000 x 1000 (notice not power of 2) H.264 video file applied to a sphere. Currently this destroys performance. Oddly (sadly), it worked great with 3.6.


Qbrain, Member
Posted: 02 March 2012 12:06 PM   Total Posts: 92   [ # 6 ]

@Lucid the reason many features work at 3.6 and not in 4 is because 4 is running on the Stage3D api and uses hardware acceleration. For that to actually work, they need to recode most of their engine and encounter some new limitations. Ofcourse we want to see that 4 has all the features that 3.6 has, but that takes time raspberry

Thanks for the update! I understand you guys are very busy with this and probably more important other stuff, but is it possible for you to give a little bit of an indication what time it will costs to program this stuff? Not that I want to rush you, but then I can say to my client that the feature required is going to take a while smile

thanks again!



Lucid, Member
Posted: 02 March 2012 02:32 PM   Total Posts: 93   [ # 7 ]

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Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 02 March 2012 06:12 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 8 ]

yes, many requested this. As Adobe said, video and 3D have prio #1 for coming months. Indeed it looks bit silly atm, to decode, return a map in video object, that we draw it, and upload it again, while a “native decoderShader” should be possible. That’s not in our hands.

For now, you could try something like what I did for a very similar project using 360 vids. (Using one of the first private release of the incubator player) I was able to play respectable sized vids without let the fans lift my mac and fps were pretty ok.

If you use a port of the 3.x videomaterial class, you can get more if you bypass the extra map. What gave the biggest boost was to map the sphere in quarters allowing higher res, and define who was in viewport by simple read the pan/tilt of the hovercam I was using. The “custom” draw command uses a matrix defined once on metadata event to ensure power of 2 for each maps and because we knew the parts seen, only the required pixels were drawn, only the half the materials seen were updated. It requires extra work, but you definitly will get better perf than in your example.

Hope it helps…


Lucid, Member
Posted: 03 March 2012 07:58 AM   Total Posts: 93   [ # 9 ]

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vogloblinsky, Newbie
Posted: 12 March 2012 12:53 PM   Total Posts: 3   [ # 10 ]

Any news about the availability of MovieMaterial ?


Lucid, Member
Posted: 22 March 2012 09:46 AM   Total Posts: 93   [ # 11 ]

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get support for hardware accelerated HD (H.264) video textures. If there is a way to accomplish this in Away3D, please make it happen!


BrianMcC, Newbie
Posted: 08 May 2012 02:44 PM   Total Posts: 4   [ # 12 ]

Until such time as Movie Clips can be used as materials, for now as an easy workaround, you could always make a SWF containing your Movie Clip and then just use that SWF as MovieMaterial. If you had a lot of SWFs you could keep the file size down by loading some or all of them dynamically.


Manuel L., Member
Posted: 11 July 2012 05:37 AM   Total Posts: 99   [ # 13 ]

and how do you do that?
im not able to use an swf as moviematerial, especially because moviematerial seems not to be existent anymore ^^


netphreak, Newbie
Posted: 11 September 2012 11:49 AM   Total Posts: 10   [ # 14 ]

Yes, like the above requests… Any news on a MovieMaterial / MovieTexture?

Looks like it’s badly needed by alot of people.


Koga73, Newbie
Posted: 14 December 2012 12:08 AM   Total Posts: 13   [ # 15 ]

Yes please! This should be a top priority!



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