Penthouse Pool 3D

Arcade-style billiards sim Penthouse Pool 3D

Penthouse Pool 3D is a billiards simulation with real physics and amazing 3D graphics. Developed by Boomware Technologies as an upgrade to their initial 2D version, the game incorporates a selection of player and game modes, and utlilises a slick in-game interface for gameplay. On top of all that, you can enjoy a high quality 3D experience powered by Away3D.

PentHouse Pool 3D screenshot 1

The development approach used the 3DS model format for complex game objects like the table, and the built-in primitive geometries such as SphereGeometry for simpler elements like the balls. Textures are a mixture of .jpg and .png files, and are reused wherever possible to keep the initial load footprint down.

Penthouse Pool 3D screenshot 2

For a smooth physics simulation, movement is kept in the X/Z plane allowing Box2D to be used as the physics engine. A shot can have spin applied, and can be viewed from several angles before it is taken, as well as having a intuitive indicator for predicted ball collisions which helps line up your shot. All in all, Penthouse Pool 3D is a great upgrade to an already solid game and shows exactly what 3D can add to an overall game experience.