Nissan Stage-Juk3D

3D brand site for Nissan Europe Nissan Stage-Juk3D

Earlier this month, Digitas Labs (the experimental wing of Digitas France) teamed up with Nissan Europe to create one of the first truly compelling brand sites using the hardware capabilities of Stage3D in the new Flash Player. The site was demoed as part of the day 2 keynote of Adobe Max 2011, and uses Away3D 4.0 as its 3D core.

The result is a silky-smooth rendered 3D model of the new Nissan Juke, with some great interactive elements that allow you to view the car from any angle, climb in both the front and back seats, and select your choice of paint-job with a colour wheel that transitions across the surface of the car in a particularly spine-tingling way!


Once you’ve had enough of navigating around the beautifully modelled car, you can enter game mode by clicking the “Drive” button. This smoothly switches views to an atmospheric night-drive scene within which you have to manouvere the Juke, collecting cracking balls of lightning as you go. There is a point to all of this, but some things are best left to be found out for yourselves!


After the site was showcased at Max, the creators of Stage Juk3D presented a very detailed and explanatory Unconference session concerning the making of the site. After speaking with them, they have kindly agreed to help convert some of their Unconference content into an article covering a more detailed appraisal of the project. Look out for it in the upcoming case studies section of, and in the meantime try the experience out for yourself at