K. O. L. M.

Indie game kickstarter K. O. L. M.

UK-based indie games developer The-Exp Games has recently launched a kickstarter project that aims to produce a console-quality remake of the popular K.O.L.M. online games series.

K.O.L.M started off its life as an independent game release on Armor Games back in 2010. Its classic platformer search-and-discovery style attracted the attention and affections of many, and in 2011 it was follow by a sequel, K.O.L.M.I.A.M, which expanded the game motif to include mini-quests.

The kickstarter proposes to remake both of these prequels, and add a brand new third chapter to complete the story as the developer originally intended. The promo video above shows some tantalising previews of the new level design, and we are really looking forward to seeing more.

For us, the most exciting thing about the project is the decision to produce all 3 chapters of the new game in beautifully rendered 3D with help from the Away3D engine!

Of course, this being kickstarter, the game also needs your help. So if like us you’re aching to see an Away3D-rendered version of K.O.L.M made, then head over to the K.O.L.M project page and show your support for a true indie original.