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Build & fly your own plane KLM & Planes

Creative digital agency Code d’Azur, based in Amsterdam and Barcelona, recently created a new online campaign for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to promote the partnership between KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and the new Disney film Planes. The interactive web experience gives visitors the ability to design & create their own plane in 3D, which can then be saved and viewed in the gallery. As a nice touch, clicking on a user-created plane allows you to take it on a test flight, where you end up writing the name of the creator in the sky.


A user voting system allows visitors to vote on their favourite plane design, and plane designers can encourage their friends to vote for their design using the usual social media links. The top 100 planes with the most votes will be invited to visit the prescreening of Disney Planes in the drive-in cinema at Schiphol Airport.


The KLM Planes campaign is created with the latest Away3D 4.1 Gold release, making good use of the GPU-accelerated Stage3D APIs in Flash. The interface used to design your plane combines Starling (the 2D accelerated equivalent of Away3D) with the regular Flash 2D DisplayList to create a seamless, fluid experience. Code d’Azur collaborated with The Away3D Team to ensure that all 3D data was exported and reloaded efficiently, and in the first few days after launch over 6000 planes were created.


The campaign will stay online for just a few weeks, so put your tray in the upright position and get ready for take off!