Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Game Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is an online fantasy card game in the tradition of Magic the Gathering and similar games. Essence ltd is a startup company form Sofia, Bulgaria focused on developing online games. Their first project is Battlegrounds of Eldhelm uses the Away3D engine to render the 3D game table…


3D e-Commerce

Preview, customize and buy a nice looking cap using this eCommerce solution done with Away3D. Good example of the high quality you can get on both model and textures using the Flash 10 engine that can be seen by 98% of all desktop browsers (and more than half the worlds…


Racing game

Experiment Racing game

Nice looking racing game created by Bartek Drozdz that showcases several of the capabilities of the Flash Player 10 version of the engine. Bartek also discusses his experiences with doing a similar game in Unity3D. Also - do not miss out on his WebGL experiments and J3D engine.



3D Web Chart Partower

Easy to use and configurable 3D chart solution built in Away3D. One of many examples of commercial software build with the Open Source Away3D, thanks to it’s “not-so-restrictive” license.



Game Raveleijn

Raveleijn is a Diablo-esque dungeon crawler adventure game created by Little Chicken Game company for Efteling, a Dutch themepark. The core engine is built around Away3D, extended to support features such as animation blending and a LUA interpreter. There are over 30 missions to be played in a huge world…