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Software: Away3D 4.x

prominic_dev, Newbie
Posted: 13 June 2018 06:10 PM   Total Posts: 2

We’re looking for a Texture & Modeling specialist - Expertise with Away3D/Away Builder is a BIG plus.

—Texture resources and model specifications will be provided as detailed 2D Visio Stencils (see attachment), your job will be to use these and the product specifications to create textured models. Essentially they are just visual representations of what our Server Racks look like and we need them created into 3D textured models. As mentioned, candidates who can build these in Away Builder (or reliably export them to .AWD files) will be preferred.

—You will be working closely with our Software Developer, who is building the Away3D AIR Application that these models will be used in, to achieve a satisfactory level of accuracy with these textured models. This entails us actively using the textured models in our Application as you finish them so that the Developer can provide feedback where needed.

Interested & qualified applicants should Email me, see my public profile for the Email address.



prominic_dev, Newbie
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