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inozemcev, Newbie
Posted: 01 July 2016 03:45 PM   Total Posts: 1

I was actionscript script developer, and I have a lot of practice using away3d in flash player, now I am styding typescript and want to continue use awayjs in my everyday practice to developing games and data visualisation projects. Because of I really new in nowadays javascript workflow, I can’t finally understand how to import awayjs. I make a standart greeter workflow with npm, gulp tasks, tsd compilator and bundle functions such as browserify, sourcemaps and so on. Then I install awayjs-full using npm;

- npm install awayjs-full—save-dev
- npm install awayjs-full—save

Then I can import library in typescript source code:

import * as awayjs from “awayjs-full”;

And Typescript see all classes, but the problem is when I try to bundle compiled .js the bundle gulp task through error ‘can not find module “awayjs-full’ ‘. Javascript compiled file could not require awayjs-full. What I miss to finally let everything works together?

Sorry for my bad knowledges of javascript workflow, I understand that my question is not about awayjs usage, but I can not find any answer on google and stackoferlow. As far as I understand awayjs is extremely new for nowaday practice, that why there is no any articles with simple start. Maybe I should add a DefinitelyTyped for typimgs reposirory, or something like that?



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