Variable _init is not defined.

Software: Away3D 3.x

jkafkaris, Newbie
Posted: 15 June 2011 07:06 AM   Total Posts: 3

I’m using FDT 4.5 Beta with Flex SDK and AIR 2.7 with Away3D revision 3126.

When I now compile I get the error:

Variable _init is not defined.

I went back to FDT 4.4 Flex 4.1 and AIR 2.5 and the problem did not occur.


jkafkaris, Newbie
Posted: 16 June 2011 03:40 AM   Total Posts: 3   [ # 1 ]

Any help with this would be much appreciated.



Alexander Seifert, Moderator
Posted: 18 June 2011 12:56 PM   Total Posts: 129   [ # 2 ]

As I am being a hardcore FDT user myself, I believe FDT is not the issue in this case. However, I rather suspect Air 2.7.

Do you have any more elaborate compiler error output?
Doing a quick search through all source code, the only _init I found was “private function _init() : void” in class away3d.debug.AwayStats, which is the nice fps/mem graph so well visible in most demos out there. Did you try to avoid using it?





jkafkaris, Newbie
Posted: 18 June 2011 01:17 PM   Total Posts: 3   [ # 3 ]

It appears that the problem exists in revision 3126.  If I use the zipped version available in the download section on this site the problem goes away.  When setting up FDT 4.5 Beta I grabbed the latest Away3D revision also - I must of had an older revision where the problem does not exist when I was publishing in FDT 4.4, Flex 4.1 and AIR 2.5.

Thanks for getting back to me though!




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