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mrpinc, Sr. Member
Posted: 13 April 2016 02:55 PM   Total Posts: 119

We’ve got a decent workflow here for creating models in max, exporting them to Away Builder before launching in our custom 3D app.

This works great but there’s 1 feature that we’re lacking.  We’ really like to be able to setup and preview cameras in 3D Max to preview exactly what we would see in our app.

Does anyone have any experience or advice on this issue?  I’ve been able to location any information anywhere on it.


rdoi, Member
Posted: 13 April 2016 03:22 PM   Total Posts: 86   [ # 1 ]

Its been some time I messed with this, but afaik, the max awd exporter plugin included a camera modifier where you could set some of aways camera parameters, and then it could be exported with the awd scene.

Shame the current/latest version of AwayBuilder and prefab doesn’t allow preview the scene with user cameras, so you have to implement your own previewer.


mrpinc, Sr. Member
Posted: 13 April 2016 03:40 PM   Total Posts: 119   [ # 2 ]

Thanks for the reply.  I will test it out, previewing in Away is not such a big deal as we already have a flexible preview tool.  It would be awesome though to be able to adjust cameras in Away Builder.



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