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Lead Developer needed for established and acclaimed filmmaking app Shot Designer by Hollywood Camera Work (

Shot Designer is an app for making camera diagrams and shot lists, and is used by Directors and Cinematographers for planning film/TV shoots. It has a large user-base, and has been the #1 iOS filmmaking app for two years. It’s used on countless high-profile film and TV productions. It’s a cross-platform AIR app that runs on iOS, Android, Mac and PC from the same source with conditional compilation.

The next step for the app, in addition to implementing a large wishlist, is to implement 3D visualization of camera movements and basic editing abilities, so that it becomes possible to see a scene play in 3D before you shoot it. Everything related to the GUI is worked out.

However, the app is currently written for AIR’s native GPU rendering, which is slow and precludes 3D, and it needs to be ported to the Starling and Away3D frameworks.

The 2D graphics in the app are already taking a performance hit from using Flash’s own semi-GPU rendering. The vector graphics are usually implemented as sprites, which is a good way to do fast vectors, but Starling would be a lot faster. And some graphics are rendered into very large texture-maps. On heavy scenes, there’s obvious GUI lag. The app’s entire current GUI needs to be ported to Starling.

The 3D layer is supposed to visualize camera movement and will function both as a small monitor popping up with the 3D view of the camera you’re working on, as well as a view that can go full screen for editing. The 3D characters will need basic skinning and posing.

The job requires the following experience:

* Experience leading a project.
* Extensive experience with AS3.
* Extensive experience with Starling and Away3D.
* Experience making 2D interfaces in Starling.
* Experience skinning and animating characters in Away3D.
* Math
* Experience mixing Starling and Away3D.
* Experience with UniCode. Our international character support is spotty.
* Experience with PDF output. Our PDF renderer needs to output individual objects instead of the giant JPEGs we currently output.
* Some willingness to do cowboy-coding. If we drown in unit-tests and restructuring, we’ll never get anything done. Also, the existing code doesn’t have proper MVC encapsulation, and we’re not keen on fixing that because it becomes complete re-engineering.
* Experience must be demonstrated through existing projects. Please send app store links and specify your role.
* References must be available.

We expect that there’s 6 months to a year of work in this. The job is expected to start in May 2015. The salary is medium-high. Job involves significant self-determination and respects your talents. Your location is not important.

Please submit your info to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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