Away3D is perfect with Haxe, cross-platform, and so on… where’s AwayPhysics now ?

Software: Away3D 4.x

Loomind, Newbie
Posted: 01 September 2014 12:45 AM   Total Posts: 1

Hello !

I come in the Away3d world with great announces for the end of the year : acceleration of the 3D empowerment with WebGL and OpenFL. Haxe is a powerfull and cross-platforming language, we’ve got every thing to make stunning games on the edge and easier than with other librairies.

What about to write the future right now and add a package written in Haxe with BulletPhysics 3.x added with it ? It works fine with my odd AS3 and Flash Builder (all sources are in the Git) ... and would be port with a the new openFL librairy.

How do you plan to port your C module files of Bullet collapsed with AS3 ?



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