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Wucka, Newbie
Posted: 03 February 2014 08:26 PM   Total Posts: 23

Hello all,

I have a request as well as a question for anyone that can answer me.

First, I have been using away for a while now and used the prefab utility heavily. The first version of prefab had a very nice path animation addition to its already vast capabilities. Prefab 3D came out and dropped that functionality and it was sorely missed on a few of my projects. Are there any plans to make a path creation, path animation tool in the near future and if so what kind of timeline are you looking at.

Second, I see that prefab is still running, and given the similarities between away builder and prefab, is away builder replacing prefab?




Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 04 February 2014 07:21 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 1 ]

I’m in the process of reintroducing some features from Prefab 1.x to 2.x. Path edit, anim is one of them. However, the v1 edit features were a bit poor, so 2.0 is more or less a total rewrite of this functionality. Think for instance of profiles for pathExtrusion, where there were no ways to save or even edit very precisely or save/import them…

Prefab is very alive, even if I have not released any updates for a while, it’s simply because lots of new things are seamlessly working together, and I cannot release half of it atm.

AwayBuilder is maintained and developed by the Away foundation. I’m not involved with it. Prefab3D is a personal project and isn’t dependant of any investors or anyone but me. I’m not planning to stop deving it simply because I need it dayly for my own work and mostly because I love working on it.
I’ll continue share it with the communauty too. Feel free to pick your fav editor or combine them together.

A little sneak of one of the new features coming next update wink



Wucka, Newbie
Posted: 10 February 2014 04:44 PM   Total Posts: 23   [ # 2 ]

Hello Fabrice,

Thanks for the information. I too use prefab often with my work, and now that I am getting back into a project that works in 3D I am looking forward to your updates. Prefab has been a life saver on previous project and I am sure it will be extremely useful moving forward.

Again thanks for the update,





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