Away3D or Stage3D is slow on mobile?

Software: Away3D 4.x

SirGordon, Newbie
Posted: 01 December 2013 11:02 AM   Total Posts: 29

What Scout says:
Context3D.drawTriangles (flash.display3D) 47ms 90%
My scene is taken from Away3D Examples, where perelith knights are animated on a chessboard. Ive even reduced their number to 25 and i get ~15 fps on Nexus7 (2012) tablet (debug=false build).
This surprises me because there is a video
where a guy has over 110 animated meshes on the scene, a weaker device and gets ~40 fps.
He is using his own Stage3D engine tho..
Is that Away3D slow, or Context3D.drawTriangles, or me doing something wrong?

EDIT: same scene with knights, no shadows, fps~45.
I still wonder why so simple scene runs so slowly.


John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 01 December 2013 05:51 PM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 1 ]

Hes not using real time lighting. Shadows are faked / planes.

Disable both the light and shadows.


SirGordon, Newbie
Posted: 03 December 2013 08:06 PM   Total Posts: 29   [ # 2 ]

Thanks! That helped!
I guess shadows / light should be prebaked into models



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