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Dimitris, Newbie
Posted: 29 November 2013 09:28 AM   Total Posts: 2

I am brand new to away3d.
I have a model in blender with animation and I need to show this model in flash.
I save the model as .dae and open it with prefab.

But the size of the objects is not proportionally altered.
Check the image.

Is there a way to solve this?




Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 29 November 2013 11:49 AM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 1 ]

Try export as obj to test the scale. from your screenshot, it looks y and z are swapped. Collada can be exported in two tastes while currently Prefab considers the y as pointing up.
On scale size, Blender works by default at very low sizes. You probably are able to set this somewhere in the app. Working at very small scale in flash may lead to rounding errors and potential matrix3d issues.

Regarding your animation, you did not specify its kind. You will only be able to import skeleton animations using collada 1.4x, scene based animations are not supported yet, same applies to Away3D.


Dimitris, Newbie
Posted: 29 November 2013 01:29 PM   Total Posts: 2   [ # 2 ]

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I tried also .obj and there is also a scale problem.

But The problem disappears with .3ds

The animation is a scene animation (it should demonstrate the operation of medical equipment) so I will have to create the animation directly in flash.

Regarding the scale problem, I there something I can do, during export to 3ds, to eliminate the scale problem?



Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 29 November 2013 03:42 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 3 ]

usually if you stay in the 0-100 unit size in Prefab, it loads in blender and reexport with no probs. There must be a unit value setup somewhere in Blender. I use this app not very often, so I can’t help you for this. Check Blender’s forums.



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