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Jens Chr Brynildsen, Administrator
Posted: 27 October 2013 11:48 AM   Total Posts: 70

Hi all,
Due to spammers, I’ve had to remove many of the fields that used to be available on your forum profile. This means that the only field you can really use to tell others about your blog/twitter and more is now the “Bio” field.

This field has certain restrictions so only those with a non-noob Forum Rank will have the field displayed. For most of you, this isn’t a problem but feel free to PM me if this change is causing trouble.

Also - please do report forum entries that look like spam. We are responding to all of these quickly as we could loose rank with Google unless we keep this at under control.



lilia1996, Newbie
Posted: 27 June 2018 08:53 PM   Total Posts: 3   [ # 1 ]

you may see here our work



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