Filters3D problems with Stage3DProxy and sharedContext

Software: Away3D 4.x

luckypig, Newbie
Posted: 07 September 2013 01:04 PM   Total Posts: 10

Hi guys.

I found two bugs with Filters3D and stage3dProxy and view3D.sharedContext

1. When you set some Filter to your View3d with sharedContext=true always you get the backgroundColor of the stage3dProxy in black, even if you change the property color of stage3dProxy or you have another render like starling first of the render of the View3d of Away3d. Anyone know about a solution for this issue?

2. When you have 2 View3D with sharedContext=true in your project using the same Stage3dProxy and you apply some Filter3d to your view3d, the render of view3d, with some filter3d, breaks and this view3d looks very pixelated. If you don’t set the Stage3dProxy of one of the view as the same of the other view the Filters3d works fine, even if you have some starling instances the filters work fine, only break if you have more than an away3D view3D with the same stage3dProxy. Anyone know about a solution for this issue?

Regards! I hope your comments.



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