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Al.Kapole, Newbie
Posted: 10 July 2013 01:20 PM   Total Posts: 2


I’m new to away3D and I already have an issue!
Here is my problem:
I have an animated character and I export him to .awd, then I open the file with away builder but at the scene objects tab it only shows me the character mesh and no bone! Also the mesh has 3 animations which are shown at the animations tab three times each!

I followed this tutorial, , until the export and I opened the file with away builder and was ok!

Here is exactly the workflow I used:
I animated the character with CAT Bones, then I exported him to .fbx so the bones be converted to simple bones, then I merged the .fbx file into a new scene(3dsMax) without the option to change the bones to dummies, then I just exported it as a .awd file! and then I had the issue I mentioned before!

Any help or any idea?


80prozent, Sr. Member
Posted: 10 July 2013 03:38 PM   Total Posts: 430   [ # 1 ]


i am not using 3dsmax myself, so i am not shure how much i can help.

in AwayBuilder, bones/joints are not imported as SceneObjects, so they are not displayed in the SceneObjects-panel.

i am not 100% shure of this, but i think the 3dsmax exports a objectcontainer3d for each joint/bone that is in the (exported) skeleton, so you should see some extra containers in the sceneObjects-panel, but this containers are not used by the animation (so you can delete them)

i think the 3dsmax-awd-exporter exports skeleton and animationClips, so this objects should show up in the animation-panel.

to have it applied to you mesh, you would have to set up a animationset and a animator in awayBuilder, and apply the animator to the mesh.

if you like, you can send me the awd file, and i can tell you if its exported all right, or if its not working for me too.
80prozent [a]



sorry…i hope my actionscript is better than my english…


Al.Kapole, Newbie
Posted: 12 July 2013 10:58 AM   Total Posts: 2   [ # 2 ]

Thanks a lot for your help 80prozent!



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