Advice on ColorMaterial/SoftShadowMapMethod - which property might fix this issue (image att.)?

Software: Away3D 4.x

Sean72, Newbie
Posted: 01 May 2013 05:22 AM   Total Posts: 28

I have been working with DirectionalLights and have a ‘flickering triangles’ issue with partially lit flat areas on my mesh when using the SoftShadowMapMethod.  It seems to be worse as the mesh grows larger, but it also seems to not occur with some imported materials, so it could be a ColorMaterial property.

Before I spend ages testing each property, would someone please glance at this and let me know if they have an idea which ones to test?  Both materials are imported, the one at the left shows correctly, the one at the right has flickering triangles.

I’m using the latest Dev code.


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