A very honest opinion on prefab3d and possible alternative.

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lisophorm, Newbie
Posted: 24 December 2012 07:30 AM   Total Posts: 10

A small caveat, I don;t want to diminish your work, that it’s in any case great….
I have tried loading lots of different models downloaded from the internet (always simple stuff) in collada and 3ds, with the hope of converting them into AWD2.
The best case scenario is that I get an object without any textres,
Most of the times I got an incomplete object. Lots of times it just hangs.
And even if I want to re-assign one-by-one the textures to the ojects the procedure seems extremely buggy.
It wasn’t even capable to convert several AWD 1 projects I took from A2ay3d CookBook. Lot of times just hangs. Even the example cited in Aobe, the one ewith the vase. I try to import the AWD1 project and it just hangs.

SO I have 2 simple questions:
Will this project come out from this ultra-beta stage?
What are the alternatives to convert properly an object and animations into AWD 2?

I am sorry I seem criticizing, But just I need a product that is relialble. I understand the massive effort you are doing keeping up this project and you have my full admiration.

Thanks for any help you can provide me.


Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 24 December 2012 12:39 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 1 ]

First, if you claim that something is buggy, unless you provide me files to reproduce the issues, I can’t do much
About it. On my side all looks OK, and have not received any similar reports lately.

I wrote awd1 and Prefab 1&2 are the only generator.
I’m pretty sure that if an awd1 is loaded,
that if its not a BSP awd that it will display all
geometry. If the file was exported with dependencies,
If the resources are at the expected location and Prefab has the
read rights, they will be set. If something goes wrong, you can find the errors in the process log.

As about free models from the internet. Because you can download them doesn’t say they are OK. For instance, many models that are offered do use images format that are not supported such as tga. Many models are exported with non relative URLs. You cannot expect Prefab to try to resolve any URL. Again the process log would tell you more.

Geometry partly displayed. Yes, if the geometry data is either damaged or not serialized as expected for Away3D (triangulated) , Prefab will try to display all it can. If the missing or faulty data will likely trigger an error that would crash the app, its skipped. This often occurs with old 3ds files or non triangulated Colladas. There too, you probably got a warning after load and log would probably have usefull info for you.

Materials buggy. Do I take your word for granted or you tell me what is going wrong?

Prefab is not beta, neither finished. Its being constantly dev/improved. That its not yet meeting your standards, I can understand, but again, unless you help me reproduce the above issues, I can’t really help you.



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