AwayPhysics incompatible with Away3D 4.1 alpha?

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Qbrain, Member
Posted: 02 December 2012 04:02 PM   Total Posts: 92

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to update my project from 4.0.9 (gold) to 4.1 (alpha) today, but it totally screwed up my collision detection after the update.

I redownloaded the latest branch from awayphysics and away3d (tried with both dev and master) and noticed that even the examples like characterdemo don’t work once I use 4.1

So my question basicly was if awayphysics is compatible with 4.1 and if not, how can I solve it or when will it be solved?

If it IS compatible, which versions of awayphysics and away3D do i need to download?




loth, Sr. Member
Posted: 17 December 2012 11:32 PM   Total Posts: 236   [ # 1 ]

the differency is not from physics is only for character not the same bone systeme
awayphysics work on 4.1 no problemo


62316e, Newbie
Posted: 23 May 2013 08:41 AM   Total Posts: 25   [ # 2 ]

Still not working on IOS



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