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Rob Bateman, Administrator
Posted: 28 August 2012 12:22 PM   Total Posts: 120

The Reasons to be Creative conference is just around the corner, and as we’ve already mentioned on the blog, there will be plenty to see and discuss regarding Away3D

As a bit of an experiment and a way of involving the community more, I would be interested for anyone with a cool demo, site or experiment in Away3D that they would like to see showcased at the conf to get in touch.

As there is not much time, I would need submissions to be made before friday this week, after which I’ll notify those demos who we plan to show. The showcase will take place as part of my “Forward the Foundation” presentation on Tuesday. A URL is fine, just make sure that you include credit to the company and client where appropriate so that I can do the same.



Cheng Liao, Administrator
Posted: 28 August 2012 01:58 PM   Total Posts: 116   [ # 1 ]

Maybe you can get the demo as a showcase



John Wilson, Member
Posted: 29 August 2012 10:01 AM   Total Posts: 62   [ # 2 ]


You are welcome to use this should you wish.

HMS Surprise

It is a bit slow to load.


Alexander Seifert, Moderator
Posted: 30 August 2012 10:02 AM   Total Posts: 129   [ # 3 ]

Hey Rob,

you can use any of the recent videos on our channel:

*EDIT* the latest video (“Work in Progress”) does not show any overlays. When you throw it all together, I’d be happy to see a reference to “Delta Strike” or “” ... thanks =)

The most recent two are probably the most interesting ones for you =)
What’s the time frame for the show cases? I was thinking about recording some more footage. I can even give you access to our current build if you want to record some footage yourself =)

Mail me back or Skype me, you have my contact!
I’m still waiting for a reply from you anyway wink

Thanks and cheers!



loth, Sr. Member
Posted: 03 September 2012 03:05 PM   Total Posts: 236   [ # 4 ]
i can add option like choose number of rigidbody at start
3000 at 12 fps smile for the moment



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