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Choons, Sr. Member
Posted: 18 June 2011 06:44 AM   Total Posts: 281

Hi - just noticed that if I start a new a paragraph in a forum post with a line feed/space it’s all bunched together in the actual post. Is there a way you can set the post to retain a line space?


John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 18 June 2011 11:22 AM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 1 ]

Just tag this on to here.
At the moment I read this forum with colors disabled through the browser. Would be handy if the forum had this as a preference.

The background img makes text hard to read.
The more I zoom in to read the text the more the background messes with my eyes.


Alejandro Santander, Administrator
Posted: 18 June 2011 05:40 PM   Total Posts: 414   [ # 2 ]

Yeah, we’re working on a lot of improvements in the forums. Sorry for the current state!


Alexander Seifert, Moderator
Posted: 19 June 2011 10:11 AM   Total Posts: 129   [ # 3 ]

It’s gotten much nicer already this morning =)
Great job, keep doing what you do! :D




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