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loth, Sr. Member
Posted: 21 September 2011 03:31 PM   Total Posts: 236

hello team i’m on this demo

i need to clear all force from car when press R (replace car)
and also a way to get real speed of car in km/h.
( and if someone have simple solution for checkpoint )

Demo update soon with full setting for car and save option
that’s not the best setting now .



Yang Li, Administrator
Posted: 21 September 2011 03:57 PM   Total Posts: 80   [ # 1 ]

looks very nice!

you can try to set the linearVelocity and angularVelocity to zero when press R. like:

car.getRigidBody().linearVelocity=new Vector3D();
car.getRigidBody().angularVelocity=new Vector3D();

the speed with km/h have not added to AWPRaycastVehicle, will add soon.


Yang Li, Administrator
Posted: 21 September 2011 04:04 PM   Total Posts: 80   [ # 2 ]

or you can get it by this:



loth, Sr. Member
Posted: 22 September 2011 07:36 AM   Total Posts: 236   [ # 3 ]

Thank’s Yang Li work perfect smile

for direct access of car setting i use:

_car = new AWPRaycastVehicle(_turning, _carBody);

that work but maybe a better solution


loth, Sr. Member
Posted: 22 September 2011 08:15 AM   Total Posts: 236   [ # 4 ]

full car setting with save option added
launch contest find the best setting


John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 22 September 2011 08:46 AM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 5 ]

For reseting I do what Li said and reset the position and rotation of the vehicle

car.getRigidBody().linearVelocity = new Vector3D();
car.getRigidBody().angularVelocity = new Vector3D();
car.getRigidBody().position = new Vector3D(0,500,0);
car.getRigidBody().rotation = new Matrix3D();


Yang Li, Administrator
Posted: 23 September 2011 02:21 AM   Total Posts: 80   [ # 6 ]

some suggestion: the barrels never stop when roll on ground, maybe you can set angularDamping to 0.9 or smaller.

and the follow camera is too tight. I think it should better if make it weak.


Alejandro Santander, Administrator
Posted: 23 September 2011 02:51 AM   Total Posts: 414   [ # 7 ]

very nice!

Suggestions too:
- invert y axis in camera drag
- mouse drag is too sensitive
- follow camera should have drag too, but align towards the back of the target with an intensity depending on the velocity of the object
- starting with the person character starts him underground
- hotkey to hide/show simpleGUI, simpleGUI comes with this functionality
- shadows are too hard, I’ve used the same shadow technique and tweaked it to much better results

Change those things and your demo will be much more playable =)


loth, Sr. Member
Posted: 24 September 2011 08:17 AM   Total Posts: 236   [ # 8 ]

thanks for help
i make this change
springcamera seem buggy, i need car rotation Y
for shadows i don’t find solution for low power


loth, Sr. Member
Posted: 24 September 2011 11:37 PM   Total Posts: 236   [ # 9 ]

New road added, more setting and sound

I have little questions to scrape the speed
all mesh is in obj format
any difference if i export to quads intead of triangle for physic simulation or engin ?
ex: track.obj -> triangle = 2416 ko
    track.obj -> quads = 1995 ko

for image what is the best format ?
(test demo with no material)


PpHammer, Newbie
Posted: 01 November 2011 04:36 PM   Total Posts: 1   [ # 10 ]


This looks great.
I am messing with shadows myself. Can you elaborate on how you got them looking like this. My scene is quite large as well, but we’re still looking at large, ugly blocks. I’ve already messed with the .far property of the lens, but obviously i don’t want everthing to be clipped.

Any help is appreciated!




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