Steering Behaviours API for Away3D

Software: Away3D 4.x

SasMaster, Sr. Member
Posted: 19 September 2011 10:36 AM   Total Posts: 127

Hi All. I started developing of Steering Behaviors library for away3D several months ago which was a porting of UnitySteer (Steering library for Unity3D ) which was a porting of C++ OpenSteer. The work progressed fine but I stumbled on some bugs (probably due to Flash / Unity programming paradigm and API architecture differences) which I haven’t solved till today mostly because of time shortage to dig deeper into the problem.The lib is in a pretty advanced development stage and it would be pity to abandon it like this.If anybody with a descent knowledge of vector math wants to help me with this it can be super cool!


This looks like a job for superman


Alejandro Santander, Administrator
Posted: 20 September 2011 01:20 AM   Total Posts: 414   [ # 1 ]

Sweet! I’d be very interested to see what u’re doing. Please email me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


jtopaz, Member
Posted: 05 November 2011 10:06 AM   Total Posts: 53   [ # 2 ]

The API is very cool.
I have download it but no idea how I can test it? any instructions?


samgored, Newbie
Posted: 25 November 2011 02:08 PM   Total Posts: 1   [ # 3 ]

It is good to be here and learn from practical experience shared by forum members. Thanks.


Samuel Girardin, Member
Posted: 28 November 2011 05:59 PM   Total Posts: 74   [ # 4 ]


I’m working on steering behaviors too. I’ve found that :

The guys ports openSteer to AS3. On my side, I works with alchemy.



Samuel Girardin, Member
Posted: 03 April 2012 08:10 AM   Total Posts: 74   [ # 5 ]

Hi all, 

I play with rvo c++ library and alchemy. Here is a test (2d and about 150 agents) :

Next step -> 3D ! (anyway rvo is 2d).



jtopaz, Member
Posted: 03 April 2012 08:48 AM   Total Posts: 53   [ # 6 ]

Hi Samuel,

I would like to know what is the different between rvo lib and openSteer?
Can rvo use for vechicle steering? Thanks



Samuel Girardin, Member
Posted: 04 April 2012 08:43 AM   Total Posts: 74   [ # 7 ]

Hi Jason, 

I’m not an expert (not at all), but I understand that :

In openSteer each agent considers other agents as obstacles. In RVO each agent considers other agent as agents. So agents can collaborate, and perhaps it results of a smoother movement. 

Here is another test using rvo (still in 2d) , with obstacles. The agents try to follow the mouse cursor



Samuel Girardin, Member
Posted: 12 April 2012 09:40 AM   Total Posts: 74   [ # 8 ]

new test using starling, my alchemy rvo is more optimzed (400 agents follow cursor at 60fps)

Next : Away3d !



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