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Tempy111, Sr. Member
Posted: 22 May 2019 12:07 PM   Total Posts: 133

Though this place seams a bit .. dead now and away3d hasn’t had a noticeable upgrade for some time, I’ll still try this:

Working on a 3d Point and click game, early stages of trying to figure out the best design for the 3d. Right now, I’m trying using a basic 3D rendered world with 3d Model in it, but fixed camera.

anyway, Following the Tweening guide ( I can make a fairly okay bit with a flat plane and the 3d character model which moves around the world when an area is clicked on. This is, of course, very basic and i’ll be adding pathfinding later on. The problem comes when I add the Away Physics engine to it.

The character now thinks it’s a good idea to slide through the floor as they move in the tween, despite it only tweening through X and Z axis (shouldn’t that be X and Y 3d can confuse me with the axis labels at times?)..

Any ideas or ways to better use the AwayPhysics engine?


Tempy111, Sr. Member
Posted: 22 May 2019 01:54 PM   Total Posts: 133   [ # 1 ]

ARGGH.. i’m an idiot!.. I was writing a quick but long post of various bits of testing to figure out what was wrong and then I noticed one thing I hadn’t checked.. I created the ground slightly different from the original tut, by using a mesh object.. the problem was, the collision box for the ground was 100x100x100 as default.. my real ground was 1000x10x1000. so as the character moved a bit too far, it fell off the edge.. ¬_¬; silly me..

though I need to figure out why its not quite centreing the character.. and deal with rotation but and more complex stuff to do with the physics and path finding.. but that’s to come ^_^ I hate being an idiot at times ¬_¬


Tempy111, Sr. Member
Posted: 22 May 2019 02:50 PM   Total Posts: 133   [ # 2 ]

to tell the truth.. next stage might be to see if I can be a bit lazy and have a level pre-built. I say level, it’s more a basic room or section. Can I get away with having a basic one pre-build, say, a flat floor with a couple of walls and a block in the middle, and have it block using the physics.. lets find out. being a point and click game, it’s not like a HUGE amount of things you can hit against.. ultimately, the true amount of environment you can walk onto and hit is pretty small, with most of it being for show.



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