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mkfui, Newbie
Posted: 01 February 2017 02:29 AM   Total Posts: 30

Sir,  i have some question about class. Look like assetlibrary cannot add several animated md2 files(let said one for hero, one for enemy) , most of the examples(actually i can’t find any example, i used code extracter for swf game) , they write enemy class because of their repeatative nature, am i right?  but some of them extend mesh,  some extend sprite, some extend no class. It make me confuse, i dont know what version they are using (i think maybe 4.0 or 4.14 not 3.6) . But i cant write my own class like them, i try to extend mesh class, mesh appear but can’t animate, if i play animation,  error massage something like static mesh cannot have animation. The only difference between mine & the example : their md2 oncreate by another bytearray class, i must do so? Can i embed it?
I try to extend sprite & no class but show nothing,  for these mesh,  sprite & no class,  i must put some param like scene,  lightpicker,  position in order to make it work?
Can anyone show me example in order to solve these class problem ?


mkfui, Newbie
Posted: 01 February 2017 05:13 AM   Total Posts: 30   [ # 1 ]

some example extend container, suitable for animated mesh(md2) ?



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