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Hector, Sr. Member
Posted: 29 January 2016 04:46 PM   Total Posts: 137

Hi all,

I just started using Away3D + Feathers.
My application uses a ‘responsive’ interface (using Feathers’ AnchorLayout) and I want to have a small Away3D window in one of the Feathers’ resizable panels.

What is the best way to have a small Away3D window in a Feather’s container?

I have used the tutorial of Away3D + Starling interoperation and I can manually set the size and position of the Away3D layer to make it look like it’s placed in the Feathers box.

Is there a way to make this more ‘dynamic’ or easier? something like:


so the Away3D view gets resized on Feathers’ container resize?


rdoi, Member
Posted: 02 February 2016 07:38 PM   Total Posts: 86   [ # 1 ]

Well, theoretically you could render the away scene to a texture and then use it in a Image in Starling display tree.

I believe you just have Stage3DProxy.setRenderTarget(), and extend the starling texture or image class to somehow accept the flash default texturebase.


Hector, Sr. Member
Posted: 04 February 2016 05:58 PM   Total Posts: 137   [ # 2 ]

Thanks for your help rdoi.
It is not exactly what I was thinking about, because that would remove the interactive part of Away3D. I want the Away3D window to be ‘usable’.
I guess the only way is to update the Away3D window size and position to match the Feathers’ layout, every time the stage is resized.


rdoi, Member
Posted: 05 February 2016 06:06 PM   Total Posts: 86   [ # 3 ]

Well, as my personal experience with Away+Starling I can share some problem you may face in this scenario:

* If there is some object overlapping in away and starling, mouse events are trigered in both (one don’t block the other).
* When the view is not filling all the stage, in some cases for some unknown reason, the mouse events detection is offset.

You may be luckier than me though.



Hector, Sr. Member
Posted: 05 February 2016 07:37 PM   Total Posts: 137   [ # 4 ]

Thanks for the advice. The mouse offset issue sounds scary. Did you manage to solve it?


rdoi, Member
Posted: 19 February 2016 02:12 PM   Total Posts: 86   [ # 5 ]

As far as I remember, the mouse hitting offset happened when the camera was very close of a small object (like a cube with 1x1x1).
With everything scaled up, I believe the offset problem still exists but is practically unnoticeable.


Hector, Sr. Member
Posted: 22 February 2016 11:04 AM   Total Posts: 137   [ # 6 ]

Thanks rdoi, I’ve already tested it and no problems so far.

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