Objects Passing Through Rigid Bodies - CCD - the Solution

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Jillinger, Newbie
Posted: 30 June 2014 10:28 PM   Total Posts: 29

Hey, look what I just discovered! Wonderful!
I tried going through the ‘Awayphysics-examples-fp11-master’ before, and had given up when the first three examples I tried returned errors.
I decided to try them again now that I have a better understanding of Away3d. So I was able to fix those errors, and now I have all of them working.

The wonderful discovery I made was in the first example - ‘BasicTest.as’. It uses ‘CCD’ - short for Continuous Collision Detection.
What’s so wonderful about that? Read this. It uses Bullet Physics - The fastest physics system!
So I am in business for collisions and physics. I’m ready!

I’ve put together a file with the fixes, so that those like myself now getting started, and interested in collisions primarily, but had problems with the example files, can get started.
I’m so excited!  grin


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