RigidBody Quaternion?

Software: Away3D 4.x

ScottL, Newbie
Posted: 12 August 2013 05:47 PM   Total Posts: 7

Hey Guys,
I’ve been digging through the code and I only see a way to access the EULER rotations of a ridigbody.

I’d like to apply rotations to a rigidbody using Quaternions. 

How would I go about doing this?

Could I simply modify the m_worldTransform.rotation to m_worldTransform.quaternion?

Ideally, I’d like to directly access/modify the quaternion being used for the rigid body.

Thanks for the help!


Yang Li, Administrator
Posted: 16 August 2013 12:03 PM   Total Posts: 80   [ # 1 ]

you need convert quaternion to Matrix3D first, then set m_worldTransform. rotationWithMatrix.


ScottL, Newbie
Posted: 16 August 2013 01:16 PM   Total Posts: 7   [ # 2 ]

Thanks Yang!



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