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rockfed, Newbie
Posted: 25 July 2013 06:54 PM   Total Posts: 6

I am using the latest png2atf converter from Adobe (Win 64).  However I am unable to load any of the ATF’s that I produce into Away3D (4.1.4 Gold).  They load fine in ATFViewer but it totally craps out in Away3D.  I’m embedding the ATF and loading it just like in this tutorial:

I tried loading an ATF from the Sponza example (fire.atf) and that loaded fine in my code.  It’s weird but I am unable to load that same fire.atf in the current ATFViewer.  Has anyone experienced issues with loading ATF’s into Away3D?  Any possible solutions?


rockfed, Newbie
Posted: 26 July 2013 10:05 AM   Total Posts: 6   [ # 1 ]

It looks like this may be a ATF version issue:

What ATF version does Away3D 4.1.4 Gold support?


Jon, Newbie
Posted: 29 August 2013 01:24 PM   Total Posts: 7   [ # 2 ]

Same problem here… using ATFTools png2atf from GamingSDK 1.2 doesn’t work with Away3D 4.1.4 Gold.

And the “cubemap” export with prior ATFTools png2atf doesnt work well for PVTRC and ETC formats.

Any fix ?

Thanx a lot.


John Brookes, Moderator
Posted: 29 August 2013 05:35 PM   Total Posts: 732   [ # 3 ]

Until bug is fixed…

Overite your existing with this

That will get rid of the error for textures 2048 or lower.

Higher than 2048, other things need fixing.


Jon, Newbie
Posted: 30 August 2013 07:09 AM   Total Posts: 7   [ # 4 ]

Working. Thanks a lot !


Jon, Newbie
Posted: 30 August 2013 07:30 AM   Total Posts: 7   [ # 5 ]
Jon - 30 August 2013 07:09 AM

Working. Thanks a lot !

I replied too quickly… it is not working. Got another error :

[Fault] exception, information=ArgumentError: Error #3677: Texture decoding failed. Internal error.

My file is a cubemap based on 1024*1024 images and working with ATFViewer 0.6.

The error is generated by the internal CubeTexture class when ATFCubeTexture calls this line :

CubeTexture(texture).uploadCompressedTextureFromByteArray(, 0, false);

Any suggestion ?


Jon, Newbie
Posted: 30 August 2013 08:29 AM   Total Posts: 7   [ # 6 ]

Needed to use Air SDK 3.8. New ATF format working with it…



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