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Posted: 03 April 2013 04:07 AM   Total Posts: 15

Well whats not too like about being able to rapidly create a mobile application with some of the libraires you know and love? Do you like being able to rapidly create mobile content? I do and I love what Adobe has been doing with AIR 3.3. It is easy to build a mobile application and I plan on taking full advantage of it. So recently I have been working on several other projects that have taken over the majority of my time. I have been experimenting with a variety of technologies. I have spent several months developing a mobile video game I fully plan on bringing to market within the next six months that is built with Unity3D. This blog post is focused not on what I have spent months on right now but what I have developed rapidly in a few hours. I Built it with a technology that I know like the back of my hand. That technology is flash (AS3). Action Script is fun, fast, and it has numerous libraries to offer the interactive developer. These libraries are just now being ported over to HTML5 and they owe there homage to technologies like Flash. I have been a macromedia user since they were macromind. I grew up with technologies like hypercard (apple), director, and flash. So I like where things are going for developers HTML5 and other technologies are really forcing a highly competitive field. This is benefiting developers. I really like the creative cloud Adobe really made a smart move in regards to a subscription based service. They have also been donating more to the open source community. I really like what they have done by supporting Away3D especially! Away3D is a great library and from my experiments lately I am seeing really fast frame rates and performance even with mobile.
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