AwayPhysics, bullet.stepMethod: Out OF Range

Software: Away3D 4.x

Mr.Angelo, Newbie
Posted: 28 March 2012 08:39 AM   Total Posts: 3

Hello, im just reporting, maybe it will help to solve something else for you!

There is some unmanaged error in bullet handle. Im using only public access functions, so there shouldnt be the error like this. cheese

[Fault] exception, information=RangeError: Error #1125: The index 1986948931 is out of range 1176.

Caused by (


And my stepping code is following(AnimationTest:505):


This error i got in plenty, a lot of times.

Attached also my test project ‘AnimationTest’, in order to run it, you have to put “object.obj/mtl” files on the server. And also in class ‘AWPRigidBody’ you must add temporary property:

public var division:uint 0

If you have any questions, i will try to help.

I got this error by shooting ball (Pressing Enter).

+ I used the newest version that was possible, debug line shows:
version: AwayPhysics v0.68 (23-11-2011)
+ away3d_4_0_0


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Yang Li, Administrator
Posted: 31 March 2012 03:09 PM   Total Posts: 80   [ # 1 ]

thanks for the report, this issue is exist in alchemy part, not sure what cause this. but I expect it will be fixed in next version.


R. Reinisch, Newbie
Posted: 09 May 2012 04:49 PM   Total Posts: 6   [ # 2 ]

Hi!, is there allready a solution for that.
Awayphysics is such a great tool, I love to use it,
but Adobe makes me a lot of headaches this times.


Mr.Angelo, Newbie
Posted: 24 May 2012 01:51 PM   Total Posts: 3   [ # 3 ]

Hello, users!

* Ignore this “my” forum thread, if you haven’t met this error.

To make it clear…

If you found this error youself, in your project,
then you might be in a “deep gong pit”. smile

It seems, there is no solutions, for this, for now.
I have to learn how to program. :D



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