Space, no gravity, costant acceleration

Software: Away3D 4.x

kz, Newbie
Posted: 10 December 2011 08:42 PM   Total Posts: 30

Hi, I have a bunch of cube floating in space, with no gravity. The space is “contained” in an invisible box, so the cubes should continuosly float and collide each other,without stopping.

Is there a way to do it without giving them some force? Like, I give them the first applyCentralForce, and I would like to see them infinitely moving and colliding each other, forever. Now they just collide a bit, than stop.

Some hint? (:


kz, Newbie
Posted: 10 December 2011 09:38 PM   Total Posts: 30   [ # 1 ]

Solved,it was restitution value (:

Another question: I have created meshes and rigid bodies with a for loop, than for each body I have the event AWPEvent.COLLISION_ADDED.

Is there a way to modify the mesh in that function? Like, they hit each other and they should change brightness.

I know I could do that without a for loop, just asking if there’s a better way to manage this event.



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