IMaterialOwner IMaterialOwner provides an interface for objects that can use materials.
 IRenderable IRenderable provides an interface for objects that can be rendered in the rendering pipeline.
 Geometry Geometry is a collection of SubGeometries, each of which contain the actual geometrical data such as vertices, normals, uvs, etc.
 Object3D Object3D provides a base class for any 3D object that has a (local) transformation. Standard Transform: The standard order for transformation is [parent transform] (Translate+Pivot) (Rotate) (-Pivot) (Scale) [child transform] This is the order of matrix multiplications, left-to-right.
 SkinnedSubGeometry SkinnedSubGeometry provides a SubGeometry extension that contains data needed to skin vertices.
 SubGeometry The SubGeometry class is a collections of geometric data that describes a triangle mesh.
 SubMesh SubMesh wraps a SubGeometry as a scene graph instantiation.