URGENT Away3D Developer to finish/Create Web Avatar Generator

Software: Away3D 4.x

JFF2015, Newbie
Posted: 09 March 2015 01:39 PM   Total Posts: 1

A developer I hired last year wasn’t able to finish a 3D avatar generator project due to lack of experiencing using this library, so I need it finished (or re-made) ASAP.  This is a tool for users on a website to create 3D avatars with a set of accessories, body types, hair, and clothing, and export to 10 PNG sprite sheets (saved by a PHP file or similar) on the website.  Each sprite sheet represents their avatar at 1 position of a 10-seat game table performing a simple animation sequence of 20 frames total.  All generated avatars have the same animation sequence, the only thing that changes is the appearance of the seated avatar.

Portions of the avatar beneath the table must be masked out since avatar/spritesheet will be positioned on layer above the bitmap table graphic in game. 

My developer left off with a small set of accessories/clothing and ability to rotate and build the avatar but exporting to to be saved on a webpage and animating he could not achieve.

Please reply ASAP if you have the ability to finish this project quickly (or create a new one from scratch if you can’t use the code). 

The attached sample shows one PNG sprite sheet of 10 that the finished avatar should be able to generate.



Mr Margaret Scratcher, Sr. Member
Posted: 13 March 2015 08:33 PM   Total Posts: 344   [ # 1 ]

Hi there,

Do you have all the required 3D assets in place?

I’d be willing to have a look at this for you.





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