Wireframe and LineSegment entities?

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rdoi, Member
Posted: 03 October 2013 09:02 PM   Total Posts: 86

I really missed the wireframe and line segment elements in the Builder.

I read somewhere in the AWD doc that the LineSegment implementation is still in discussion. Is there anywhere else I can follow or get more information about it?

Because I will probably implement a custom awdblock to save them, it would be nice hearing from the dev team their thoughts about it, so I don’t go so far when it gets officially implemented.

P.S.: Where is the “AwayBuilder” option in the “Related software” field of the forum post?


80prozent, Sr. Member
Posted: 04 October 2013 10:19 PM   Total Posts: 430   [ # 1 ]


i have allready done some experiments with this (a while ago).
i think even if the implementation of the wireframe and the lineSegment is not 100% finished in away3d yet, we could start adding the needed blocks to the AWD-specs.

for the Wireframe-display of meshes:
this can be done without storing any extra data, but the calculation for a clean wireframe-mesh takes some cpu-performance…so it might be a good idea to store the extra-data into a new subgeometry-data-stream. this new subgeometry would have to be a list containing 2 uint for each line (each uint being a pointer into the vertexData).

For lineSegments:
We would need to add two blocks for this:
- 3d-Path-Geometry-block: containing the path-data (lineSegments).
- Path-Instance-Block:to put path-data into the sceneGraph.

to talk about this in more detail, i can give you my skype details per mail (80prozent[a]differentdesign.de)


sorry…i hope my actionscript is better than my english…

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