Why not leverage right click ?

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SuperSam, Sr. Member
Posted: 23 June 2013 03:25 PM   Total Posts: 102

This is not a real feature request per se, but why don’t you guys take advantage of right click ?

I find myself constantly right clicking every single piece of UI or mesh, I just can’t help it wink

After all, you do use middle click to do camera translations, and scroll wheel to zoom in and out. So why not use right click to provide options/actions depending on what’s clicked, like other 3D tools ?

Prefab3D is strangely in the same situation.

(Note: AwayBuilder should probably be added in the “Related software” dropdown when you post smile )


Fabrice Closier, Administrator
Posted: 23 June 2013 07:24 PM   Total Posts: 1265   [ # 1 ]

Prefab has right click, it displays a contextual menu. You have to right click on a mesh to see it. Note that camera should soon get translation on rightclick/press.


SuperSam, Sr. Member
Posted: 23 June 2013 09:01 PM   Total Posts: 102   [ # 2 ]

Nice, thanks smile

I somehow forgot that Prefab3D has some right click action occurring, maybe because it’s not all over the place, only on meshes.

So I get that for Prefab it’s a work in progress, and I suppose it’s the same for AwayBuilder smile

I still wonder out of curiosity, what is the design view that has been making right click so low priority in your UI development ?


theMightyAtom, Sr. Member
Posted: 24 June 2013 06:08 AM   Total Posts: 669   [ # 3 ]

You can add right and middle click Events if you need them…


Good Luck!

NOTE: This was an extension to an earlier version, actual code may vary smile


SuperSam, Sr. Member
Posted: 24 June 2013 01:41 PM   Total Posts: 102   [ # 4 ]

Heh thanks, although I was not looking to implement right click in one of MY projects, but instead wondering why AwayBuilder doesn’t use it smile

Still, that site has some interesting things. If it is yours, do you still have the source from this article somewhere, or at least the shaders ?



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