Away3D Forum Away3D Forum en Copyright 2019 2019-02-15T04:00:34+00:00 Edit video software help <p><b>Zombie Puzzle Panic- Addictive Game like Candy Crush Saga</b></p> <p>When it comes to gameplay, Zombie Puzzle Panic is quite similar to Candy Crush Saga; however, its design and items are really impressive. </p> <p><b>Gameplay </b></p> <p>Have you ever thought about scary zombies and sweet candies in one game? In my case, I probably just think of Halloween. This combination sounds crazy; but it’s really interesting in a funny puzzle game called Zombie Puzzle Panic. Right from the first time you play, you might recognize that the gameplay is relatively similar to Candy Crush; but the sweet candies here are replaced by fuel tank, bullet box, zoombies, etc. </p> <p>In this <a href=""><b>Puzzle game offline</b></a>, players do not spend hours on getting familiar to the new gameplay because this game stills has a 3-match rule. Instead of connecting candies and diamonds together, you have to connect gas tanks, bullet boxes around a zombie location. The player will still find a way to create at least 3 similar items into straight lines and horizontal lines in order to earn as many points as possible. But more than playing to get high scores and then compare to friends, players will meet different challenging tasks. </p> <p>The zombies are always mentioned in horror topics but in Zombie Puzzle Panic, their designs are quite cute and small. Because it is an entertaining game, the sounds is also playful, which inspires all players. </p> <p>If you are tired of the colorful candies,then Zombie Puzzle Panic is a good alternative for gamers who love this genre.</p> <p><b>Tips to make it easier to overcome challenges</b></p> <p>1. Master the moves</p> <p>There are many super-hard levels that are sophisticated tasks but only provide few moves. Then you have to make a calculation carefully in order to create as many combos of items as possible. The more combos you make, the higher the score you earn, and the easier it is to complete the mission. With this tactic, even <a href=""><b>Puzzle game hard</b></a> can’t make you confused. </p> <p>2. Don’t follow the suggestions</p> <p>The hints will appear if you don’t move from time to time, but it’s completely random rather than the best way to move. Therefore, sometimes, following a suggestion will ruin your whole tactics. </p> <p>3. Don’t rush to receive donated moves from friends</p> <p> Zombie Puzzle Panic is very interactive, so you can give your friends free gifts like +3 move or life. But this game can only store up to 5 lives, so when you receive lives from your friends, don’t accept immediately. When you enter the game and run out of life, it’s time to click on “gifts” and enjoy on</p> <p>4. Use supported items reasonably </p> <p>When you finish one level, generally, you might receive some rewards to support you through the next. Use them smartly; or else you won’t take advantage. Also you can buy more items in the shop; but this is not highly recommended in each <a href=""><b>Puzzle Game To Play. </b></a></p> <p><b>In conclusion </b></p> <p>If you are a big fan of 3-match genre,  Zombie Puzzle Panic surely is worth your time. The similar gameplay and distinctive design are enough to get your attraction. </p> <p> </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2019-02-15T04:00:34+00:00 Why Choose Cheap Essay Writing Services? <p>Nowadays writing assignments has become part of student’s academic life.&nbsp; Throughout their studies they need to write different essay paper. It might be essays, thesis, term paper, dissertation, reviews etc. If you look around, you can see that today many students use online writing services. It may be because if he or she has been ill. 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I try to export it in Prefab as a md2 without saving dependency but, it doesn’t strip the need from one in the code and I can’t figure out where (if anywhere) there is something that’ll let me remove the material.</p> <p>Any clues?</p> 2016-08-26T10:31:30+00:00 The CGTrader Digital Art Competition <p>CGTrader, the world’s largest database of 3D models and CG community, has introduced the Digital Art Competition, which invites all digital artists (both 2D and 3D): <a href=""></a> !<br /> <br /> Submit your best artworks to the following corresponding categories: Character Illustration, Character Concept Design, Environment Illustration, Environment Concept Design, Object Design, and Object Concept Design. Contestants will also have the opportunity to win the Public Award.</p> <p>The CGTrader Digital Art Competition offers artists exposure in our 1.2M+ designer community and the chance to win prizes worth a total of $60,000. </p> <p>There are no entry fees, and artworks do not have to be created exclusively for the competition, so feel free to show everyone your best and favourite works. For more details, visit the competition page and be sure to check out the Categories &amp; Prizes section!</p> 2018-03-19T17:51:45+00:00 Publishing protected content <p>Hello to the Community.<br /> I’m looking for a platform that allows to publish protected content, that is to say that the environment in which the actor moves is composed by parts whose design is copyright protected.<br /> Is this the case ? Is it possible to make the data displayed crypted in some way ?<br /> Thanks for any reply.</p> 2015-07-29T11:07:23+00:00 3d modeling company <p>Hi, </p> <p>Looking for outsource 3D rendering company.<br /> Who do you use for outsourcing 3D rendering?<br /> Who do you recommend?</p> <p>Thanks everyone for your recommendation <img src="/images/smileys/wink.gif" width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" /></p> 2016-03-07T14:24:21+00:00 Earthquake Safety Program Highlights - 3D video <p>Just like to share one of our work.. Earthquake Safety Program Highlights - 3D video. Hope you enjoy it.. any feedback will be highly appreciate it.</p> <p>Video: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Source: <a href=""></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2016-07-13T20:24:38+00:00 Is there a new release of Away3d for flash scheduled? I have several prospects that do not want to hear about anything other than flash… <p>Is there a new release of Away3d for flash scheduled? I have several prospects that do not want to hear about anything other than flash…</p> <p>I could not find any statement of direction on the site regarding next Away3D release for flash.</p> <p>Thank you</p> 2018-04-23T18:17:40+00:00 AWAY 3d and Cheetah3d <p>Hi, I have a problem mapping objects I exported in Prefab, a tool useful for export model in AWD2 format for away 3d 4.1 <a href="">free ringtones</a></p> <p><br /> IMPORTED PREFAB .obj or .3ds</p> <p><a href=""></a><br /> EXPORTED as .3ds opened back in CHEETAH3D</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>AFTER THE BAKING .jas :</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong, do I have to bake as UV1 instead that UV2 ? I have tried to triangulate before baking it, but it doesn’t work either.</p> <p>if you like to make an AWD2 exported, it would be appreciated <br />————————————————————————————————-<br /> tags: <a href="">bike racing games free download</a> | <a href="">board games online</a></p> 2016-06-23T07:37:19+00:00