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Forum Feeds,2011:forum/viewthread/.126 2011-06-21T20:41:16Z 0 Alejandro Santander Hello everyone,

We have just enabled atom and rss feeds at the bottom of the page. You can subscribe to blog posts, forum topics and other channel goodies we are preparing.

Please let us know if you like the way it works, have suggestions, etc.

FBX File Support,2017:forum/viewthread/.6210 2017-03-26T23:42:31Z 0 therealloft This week i have decided to create a fbx binary parser for away3d 4.1

So far it only imports geometries data, cameras and lights.

i was wondering although i think i know what the answer is who wants a copy when its done?

How to get UV coordinates of mesh,2017:forum/viewthread/.6255 2017-07-06T12:55:31Z 0 saadaftab90 Hi all.

I already know that I can get UVs by using event:MouseEvent3D. event.uv is returning the same results what I need. But the problem is in my project I can’t use MouseEvent3D.

So is there any function which returns UV of a mesh ?

I can guess it’s called ‘unprojection’. But the function ‘unproject’ is only available for View3D & it’s not resolving my issue I want to unproject a mesh. I want UVs of that mesh.

Help please I’m searching for the solution since a last month :(

Problems converting .dae to awd,2017:forum/viewthread/.6219 2017-04-30T17:18:36Z 0 Fred Hi,

I’m trying to convert a .dae file, exported from Blender, to .awd using Away Builder. The file uses skeleton animation and I’ve managed to imported it correctly into the Away Builder and played the animation, but when I save the file as .awd and try to re open it, I get an error#1034 and the scene is not loaded.

If I import the file and save it, without attaching the animation into the model, I can open it fine, but as soon I try to attach the animation a get the error#1034 again.

I’m attaching the .dae file I’m using for the test, can you help me on this matter?

Thank you in advance.

How can we extract the animation of a web game Unity 3d .AWD,2017:forum/viewthread/.6249 2017-06-20T16:05:51Z 0 vietnamese I live in Vietnam, Currently I have a problem is a file v_file.awd contains the animation of a web game that I play, I do not know how to unpack it or open with what software. I hope you can help me to extract this file and exploit the resources from them (I mod Counter-Strike game) (I at the link:[1].awd) I need to be able to covert out .obj ... Looking forward to helping me. Thank you

How to render two mesh in different projections simultaneously at the same time?,2017:forum/viewthread/.6248 2017-06-17T01:38:35Z 0 Vacuum bulb slave Question

How to render a plane in orthogonal, and a figure in a perspective projection?,2017:forum/viewthread/.6247 2017-06-16T07:35:17Z 0 Vacuum bulb slave How to render a plane in orthogonal, and a figure in a perspective projection?

This code not work.


//   OpenFL   
import openfl.display.*;
import openfl.geom.Point;
import openfl.geom.Rectangle;
import openfl.text.TextField;
import openfl.text.TextFieldAutoSize;
import openfl.text.TextFormat;
import openfl.text.TextFormatAlign;
import openfl.Assets;
import openfl.Lib;
import openfl.geom.Vector3D;
//   Away3D   
import away3d.containers.*;
import away3d.entities.*;
import away3d.materials.*;
import away3d.primitives.*;
import away3d.utils.*;
import away3d.debug.AwayFPS;
import away3d.cameras.lenses.LensBase;       
import away3d.cameras.lenses.OrthographicLens
import away3d.cameras.lenses.PerspectiveLens

Main extends Sprite {
private var _view:View3D;
 private var 
 private var 
 private var 

 public function new() 
_view = new View3D();
addChild(_view); -500; Vector3D());
  // = new OrthographicLens(); 
_plane = new Mesh(new PlaneGeometry(10241024 ), 
_plane.= -220
_plane.rotationX = -30;
_plane2 = new Mesh(new PlaneGeometry(10241024), 
_plane2.= -220
_plane2.rotationX = -30;
  // = new PerspectiveLens(); 

_plane3 = new Mesh(new PlaneGeometry(512512), 
_plane3.= -220.01
_plane3.rotationX = -30;
_view.scene.addChild(_plane );
_view.scene.addChild(_plane2 );
_view.scene.addChild(_plane3 );
//setup the render loop

private function _onEnterFrame(e:Event):Void {
private function onResize(event:Event null):Void {
.width stage.stageWidth;
_view.height stage.stageHeight;
How to output to render unicode 2d vector font ? (HAXE),2017:forum/viewthread/.6246 2017-06-14T21:29:05Z 0 Vacuum bulb slave How to output to render unicode 2d vector font ? (HAXE)

loadermd5test & class which extends EventDispatcher,2017:forum/viewthread/.6239 2017-06-01T03:04:07Z 0 mkfui in away3d broomstick example, loadermd5test, if there are several animated mesh(several class which extends EventDispatcher), it didn’t work, why ? this message appear:

Error: Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: app:/players/pg3/model.png
at away3d.loaders::AssetLoader/onRetrievalFailed()
at away3d.loaders.misc::SingleFileLoader/handleUrlLoaderError()

because of the MonsterEvent ? i am using loader instead of assetlibrary for different class which extends EventDispatcher
can anyone help me solve this problem? any differences in coding by using different version of away3d? if yes, how ? now i am embedded all my enemies into the main file separate it with different loader
please demonstrate it