Away3D Forum 0 Copyright (c) 2018 ExpressionEngine,2018:04:23 Is there a new release of Away3d for flash scheduled? I have several prospects that do not want to hear about anything other than flash…,2018:forum/viewthread/.6319 2018-04-23T18:17:40Z 0 Ludovic Is there a new release of Away3d for flash scheduled? I have several prospects that do not want to hear about anything other than flash…

I could not find any statement of direction on the site regarding next Away3D release for flash.

Thank you

Nebular Flux - First flash game,2012:forum/viewthread/.1821 2012-02-05T02:07:03Z 0 Stephen Hopkins Hello everyone. I have many unfinished flash games collecting dust so I just decided to make something easy and simple.

Nebular Flux is a 3D space flight game. Maneuver the ship inside the pipe while using the boost to get the fastest time you can. The pipe paths are randomly generated but they all have the same length. The High Scores/Fast Times are stored on Facebook

Nebular Flux

If you find any bugs please let me know.


The CGTrader Digital Art Competition,2018:forum/viewthread/.6306 2018-03-19T17:51:45Z 0 CGTrader CGTrader, the world’s largest database of 3D models and CG community, has introduced the Digital Art Competition, which invites all digital artists (both 2D and 3D): !

Submit your best artworks to the following corresponding categories: Character Illustration, Character Concept Design, Environment Illustration, Environment Concept Design, Object Design, and Object Concept Design. Contestants will also have the opportunity to win the Public Award.

The CGTrader Digital Art Competition offers artists exposure in our 1.2M+ designer community and the chance to win prizes worth a total of $60,000.

There are no entry fees, and artworks do not have to be created exclusively for the competition, so feel free to show everyone your best and favourite works. For more details, visit the competition page and be sure to check out the Categories & Prizes section!

Using starling as “Material” in away3d,2018:forum/viewthread/.6301 2018-03-06T01:38:56Z 0 adamlevine Is it possible to render starling scene to texture for later use in away3d?

Using DelaunayMesh to generate aj object from 3D scanner’s data,2015:forum/viewthread/.5821 2015-03-14T05:38:30Z 0 agventu I have read a lot about delaunay triangulation.  Suddenly I realized that there was a class like that on away3d.  Great news!    But when I tried to use this class I noted that I need to pass a planetype to generate the mesh.  I don’t understand at all what is that parameter.  In fact, I even don’t know if this class could help me in my project.

The thing what I want is just create a mesh starting a 3d scanner’s data which is just a point cloud.  Could DelaunayMesh be the class what I have been looking for in order to get a mesh from a lot of “random” points?

Call for Away3D showcase content for GDC SF,2013:forum/viewthread/.3832 2013-01-16T16:23:05Z 2013-01-17T00:30:10Z Rob Bateman Are you currently working on an Away3D game that is due to be released in the next couple of months? Perhaps you are working in company that is planning an alpha or beta release of their game, or maybe you are publishing you’re own personal assault on the 3D gaming world?

From casual coffee-break to frenetic arcade action, hardcore RPG to social-networked heaven, if any of the above is true, then we would like to hear from you to help us compile a list of eligible showcase material for the upcoming GDC conference in San Francisco (Mar 25th - 29th). Rules are simple - the game must use Away3D in some form and must have an available version to play by the time the conference expo opens (although we’ll need to see something before then obviously). The lucky selected few will get free exposure at the Adobe gaming booth, courtesy of the Away3D platform and Adobe Gaming SDK!

Reply inline below if your game is already in the public domain, or PM me if you are still in stealth-mode and need NDAs signed before any details can be given. This will be a great way to get your game showcased at the world’s largest and longest-running games industry event for free, so if you have something to show, make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Loading swf files created using away3D into swf files made using flash GUI,2017:forum/viewthread/.6282 2017-12-31T12:47:44Z 0 O_MEGA Hello, recently I made an AS3 project using FLASHDEVELOP and AWAY3D everything works fine. However when I tried to load created .swf file (which is located in bin folder) into another .swf file produced using flash GUI(ADOBE FLASH CS6) I get this Error!

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at Main/initEngine()[]
at Main/init()[]
at Main()[]

Is there anyone who knows how I can solve this problem? I thought if I copy swc version of away3D in lib folders of installed flash CS6 will help me overcome this problem, I was wrong!(or maybe I have copied them in a wrong folder, does anyone know where shall I copy them?)

Is there anyone who knows how to load an swf made using away3D into another swf ?

Best Regards

AWD file Issue,2017:forum/viewthread/.6281 2017-12-21T14:37:05Z 0 O_MEGA Hi,
I was trying to make an android project(apk)(AIR mobile AS3 app), using Flashdevelop (5.3.0) and AIR_SDK(28)and android sdk ( Revision 23.1.0 (December 2015)), my project uses AWAY3D + minimalcomps and it includes some .awd models ( I made two 3D models in blender then textured them and then imported them in AWAYBuilder and finally exported them as .AWD files) but I recieve the following ERROR!

Error: Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: app:/assets/mymodel.awd
at away3d.loaders::AssetLoader/onRetrievalFailed()[F:\away3d-core-fp11-4.1.6\src\away3d\loaders\]
at away3d.loaders.misc::SingleFileLoader/handleUrlLoaderError()[F:\away3d-core-fp11-4.1.6\src\away3d\loaders\misc\]

NOTE: when I make an AS3 project(targeting flash player) everything works fine! and I don’t receive an ERROR!

I hope somebody can help me. I even considered to remake the 3D models!

I have an Issue with prefabe3D and I seek help.,2017:forum/viewthread/.6280 2017-12-21T14:30:24Z 2017-12-21T14:31:18Z O_MEGA Hi, I imported a 3D file (made and textured in blender) into prefab3D, then I tried to export the file as either AWD1 or AWD2. NO AWD FILE WAS CREATED IN THE SPECIFIED DESTINATION! I don’t know the reason. I hope somebody will help me.

[closed] Dispose vertex animation,2017:forum/viewthread/.6263 2017-11-28T11:24:09Z 2017-11-28T14:03:57Z yomyom Hello !

I would like to dispose a vertex animation. When i take a look to the function dispose() of the vertexclipnode or vertexanimationset, I find an empty function.

only the frames have something in it, and there is something I dont understand :

public function dispose():void
var numSubGeoms:uint _subGeometries.length;
   for (var 
i:uint 0numSubGeoms; ++i{
var subGeom:ISubGeometry _subGeometries[0];

It disposes only the first subgeom. Is it an error? How to dispose properly the animationset and all the animations inside? frame by frame and then just by setting the animationset and the nodes as “null”?

thank you.