Away3D Forum 2015-05-06T13:26:45Z Copyright (c) 2017 ExpressionEngine,2017:02:20 Freelance concept and 3d artist available for work,2015:forum/viewthread/.5857 2015-05-06T13:25:28Z 2015-05-06T13:26:45Z spukeanimation I am a freelance 3d artist looking for works,


Phone no:- +1 315 670 7853

Services provide:
Concept art
3d modeling , texture, rigging and animations
Game Assets/Props
Game Environments
Pre-rendering assets
Optimized Texturing
Level of Detail Optimization + Rigging( Biped/bone support)
Exporting( Torque3D, Unity3D,To Unreal Ed, Doom3,etc)
Motion Graphics

Spuke Animation

animate spritesheet / gif player,2016:forum/viewthread/.6177 2016-10-26T06:55:54Z 0 mkfui can anyone show me an example code in complete for animate spritesheet ? i try offsetuv & updateuvdata, but i can’t get it.

refer to we can apply gif player on plane, have anyone try it, can demonstrate it for me ? i need it urgently

away3d lite example,2017:forum/viewthread/.6200 2017-02-14T04:35:07Z 0 mkfui sir, when i try to build swf from those examples with textures(without mesh), it ok, but examples with md2, collada(advanced mario, basic load model, excollada, exmd2cubic, exmqo), it show nothing, why ? using flash 9, 10 or 11, am i right ? it show nothing without error massage, because of url link, embed problem or those mesh files location ?

Building examples with FlashDevelop,2017:forum/viewthread/.6199 2017-02-06T00:24:55Z 0 Hector Hi, I’m an AS3 developer and I’ve decided to give AwayJS a try. I’m really new to TypeScript, though.
I have set up Node.js and I can successfully build the basic “Hello World” example in FlashDevelop.
But when I try to build any of the AwayJS examples, I get several errors like this:

src/awayjs-full/lib/view.ts(15,65): error TS2307Cannot find module '@awayjs/view'

...and this:

src/Basic_View.ts(42,9): error TS2305Module '"/awayjs-examples/src/awayjs-full/lib/view"' has no exported member 'View'

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

- Is there any tutorial that explains how to build a basic AwayJS example using FlashDevelop?
- Is FlashDevelp ok or should I change to Visual Studio Code or similar?

my class,2017:forum/viewthread/.6198 2017-02-01T02:29:05Z 0 mkfui Sir,  i have some question about class. Look like assetlibrary cannot add several animated md2 files(let said one for hero, one for enemy) , most of the examples(actually i can’t find any example, i used code extracter for swf game) , they write enemy class because of their repeatative nature, am i right?  but some of them extend mesh,  some extend sprite, some extend no class. It make me confuse, i dont know what version they are using (i think maybe 4.0 or 4.14 not 3.6) . But i cant write my own class like them, i try to extend mesh class, mesh appear but can’t animate, if i play animation,  error massage something like static mesh cannot have animation. The only difference between mine & the example : their md2 oncreate by another bytearray class, i must do so? Can i embed it?
I try to extend sprite & no class but show nothing,  for these mesh,  sprite & no class,  i must put some param like scene,  lightpicker,  position in order to make it work?
Can anyone show me example in order to solve these class problem ?

3D file formats?,2013:forum/viewthread/.4304 2013-04-03T13:03:14Z 0 veclock Hi, just wondering which file formats are supported in Away3D 4 right now?
Also depending on which format you choose, do you have to include them in another way or is it always the same?


Front End Developer - Toronto Area (Markham) - Contract,2016:forum/viewthread/.6093 2016-05-06T15:33:29Z 0 mrpinc My employer is looking to bring on someone with high-level front end skills in both Flash/AIR & HTML5 for an on-site position in the Toronto (Markham) area.

Experience working with both is a must - preferably with rich interactive applications (integrated video, 3d, etc..).

Experience with 3D and Video are huge

HTML5 experience should include good examples of responsive apps.  Familiarity with the node.js ecosystem - npm, etc, electron.

Experience with compile to JS languages (particularly haxe) is a big plus.

Experience with Version control (svn, git) is a plus

Experience with Away 3D is a huge plus. 

Experience with 3D Max, After Effects or other video editing / compositing tools is a plus.

Telecommuting is not an option.

Please do not contact me if you are a recruiter.

If you feel like you fit the bill feel free to contact me at:

phil (at) with your resume and relevant portfolio links/github profile.


Memory cleaning,2016:forum/viewthread/.6018 2016-01-27T12:59:51Z 2016-01-27T13:00:29Z Tempy111 While I thought I was clearing everything from Memory, it seams I’m not As a result, memory usage is increasing as the game plays level after level.

All meshs are being removed from the scene via the removeChild
Then the meshs via the array that stores the links are setting them to null to clear the mesh itself
Then the arrays are cleared. This should remove the mesh data from memory

Event Listeners are removed, SpriteSessions are removed and the scene is cleared and removed.

But the memory still goes up, so the meshs, i’m guessing, the main things still in memory and aren’t being cleared..

Any ideas on better memory clearing practices with this?

I should add that for the Away3D project stats, Mesh count isn’t going up, T Elements and R Elements are also the same.

HELP PLEASE (Dec 12, 2016)......Uniform Alpha Applied to Multi-Part Container,2016:forum/viewthread/.6190 2016-12-09T19:38:50Z 2016-12-12T19:18:47Z rich Any help would be much appreciated….thoughts????

I have a multi-part object (root->child1,child2,child3, etc) where alpha should be applied in a uniform manner as it is in straight Flash/Flex. 

For example, In flash, if I change the root alpha, the alpha of the entire ui graph is faded as if it were a single, image where transparency were applied.

Currently, in Away, I can apply alpha to each part material, etc. but I’m not sure of a way to apply alpha in a uniform way.  One thing I’m wondering if there is a shader or “method” that would allow a pixel-level alpha application.  Or, even better, some “container/wrapper/mask” that would allow the entire graph of meshs to have a mask applied with alpha.

The attached image is what it is currently doing: bad.png (Left Img.)
What it should be doing is as follows: good.png (Right Img.)

Additionally, what I’m looking for is the “BlendModel.Layer” example from here:

What versions of haxe/lime/openfl has the Intermediate Mouse Interaction example been compiled with?,2016:forum/viewthread/.6189 2016-12-03T16:46:43Z 0 damrem What versions of haxe/lime/openfl has the Intermediate Mouse Interaction example ( been compiled with?