20 Mar 2012

Training at BTPlay

by Rob Bateman Training at BTPlay

For those looking for a head start with Away3D 4.0, look no further than the upcoming 1-day workshop hosted at the Beyond Tellerrand - Play! conference in Cologne, Germany. The conference spans 4 days from April 24th - 27th, and has a great variety of speakers talking about code, creativity and inspiration.

Stepping into the 3rd Dimension is one of the post-conference workshops taking place on the 27th April, and will be presented by Away3D co-founder Rob Bateman. Ticket prices are 350 euros per person, and numbers are limited to ensure a good level of teaching.

The class will cover setup and build of a basic 3D interface, how to import assets and add interaction and animation, and the pitfalls to watch for when optimising for Stage3D. You will also learn about the exciting possibilities brought by other open source libraries that integrate with Away3D, adding such abilities as Physics and Augmented Reality

For full details and registration info, check out the Beyond Tellerrand - Play! workshops page.



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