13 Sep 2007

Standard project stats

by Fabrice Closier Standard project stats

Ok no pixels news for once... I was tired building in each project an FPS (frames per second) counter or add traces everywhere. So i thought it might be usefull to build once and for all an handy tool that would require no external swf or to be set in the library. This little device generates itself and is available at anytime in any Away3d projects. It will use a little calculation power only when on screen. Just right click or ctrl/press on the mac to display it on screen. HOW TO INSTALL IN YOUR PROJECT? Just compile and run the swf and call the player menu! Nothing! Check this destructive demo that demonstrate how the color indicator behaves.(Don't wait till your browser crashes!) stats When on screen, you'll be able to access some helpfull informations for any projects development like: fps swf framerate highest fps and lowest fps average fps ram usage faces count active camera information mesh count geometrie information face rendered count The stats window is also draggable, so it can stay on screen while testing. It also has a color information coupled to performance based on swf framerate and actual FPS. The more fps on that scale, the more the bar gets greenshish and that means your project's gonna be a killer! While going on the other side of the scale it will tint to red and that would probably mean: back to the drawingboard! If users are finding it handy, we will probably extend it with more features, like debugging options. Soon in the svn... Fabrice


03 Nov 2007 06:28 PM

oleg said:

Yes, its very helpfull

01 Mar 2008 06:26 AM

James said:


I think it might be good to add the version on there too smile
Good stuff!

01 Mar 2008 08:10 AM

Fabrice Closier said:

The Flash player menu displays the stats option and the version number.

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