16 Aug 2007

Projects using Away3d

by Stephen White

People are starting to use Away3d for their projects! Paul Spitzer wrote a path finding demo for Flash in 3d: Path Finder http://www.actionscriptarchitect.com/lab/AStar3D2/ Shirotokoro has written a new AS3 Geom Class Exporter for 3ds Max to PV3D, Sandy and Away3D: Geom Class http://seraf.mediabox.fr/showcase/as3-geom-class-exporter-for-3ds-max-english/ and I, for one, welcome our yellow billed overlord (read the page to find out smile... Puppet Arena http://www.puppet-arena.com/ It's great that people are finding Away3d useful! We're continuing to work hard on adding new features!



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