03 Jul 2008

Focus on Away3D!

by Peter Kapelyan

As more and more people discover the potential of 3d in Flash, the versatility of the Away3D framework is beginning to show. Agencies and individuals alike are using it as their engine of choice, and producing some very cool content as illustrated by the following selection of projects! Discovery Channel uses Away3D on a Flash Video Game "Solar Symphony", where you interact with the Planets and sounds. Discovery Game Away3D can be seen in use on the Square Enix (of Final Fantasy fame) members website. Now you can choose your avatar when you login in, and modify it realtime in 3D. Square Enix The Strangers Movie site uses a good dose of Away3D and video materials. Try the experience, it's pretty spooky! The Strangers Cadbury's "A Glass and a Half Full" website uses Away3D and 3D video renderings to drop you into a surreal world. A great concept for a 3D website, and the experience is pretty realistic! Cadbury Glass and a Half Full As well as this, you can do some cool Truck modding in the Tricked Out Trucks section. Brahma Mobile While we are on the subject of trucks, check out the revamped Brahmamobile. A fantastic Away3D upgrade! Brahma Mobile We'd like to thank Flashkit for the mention last month of the new Away3D 2.0 release on their homepage, and flashmagazine for running a great tutorial on their site for getting started with Away3D code. And of course, all of the people involved in the projects above for creating such cool showcase material! The Away3D Team


09 Jul 2008 10:55 AM

ChromeD said:

Am I right, that Cadbury's "A Glass and a Half Full" uses a Skybox for the MainSite Effect??


11 Jul 2008 12:04 PM

Hebi Flash Blog » Revue de web de la semaine said:

[...] Derniers exemples à base d’Away3D Bons exemples avec cette excellente librairie 3D en flash, trop dans l’ombre de [...]

24 Jul 2008 02:40 PM

gundar said:

what the hell
"Tricked Out Trucks" link goes to cadbury's hous

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