05 Jul 2007

Bumpy Meteor

by Fabrice Closier Bumpy Meteor

Click on the Meteor, or here, to see! While writing some classes for Away3D, I sometimes (read very often) get unexpected results. During my last playtime, I came across this one while trying to get a bumpy look on a material.


05 Jul 2007 11:29 PM

Mr.doob said:

In this example... Ar you doing an offset of the flare texture on top of the texture. Or do you have an algorithm that makes the flare texture look the light and you're moving the light?

06 Jul 2007 09:29 AM

Fabrice Closier said:

Yes and no, I just try to translate via code a way to add more natural feeling to the materials that are now dead. In this case, I was trying to add a light map that was seamlessly animated. I do indeed try to find a way to generate and project a light source information on the geometrie that is smart enough to fake a reel light source direction and even its color and brightness simply because Flash cannot handle the real calculations... Also because the engine must stay generic, i have now choosed for another option that will allow you (i hope) to project the way you want on a geometrie a lightmap source. So the trick will be to be able to get the right direction, the rest will be up to you.
See for instance the first application of it on the chrome ball entry. The reflection is camera driven but the info is static, that's 2D trickkery. But it seams to me a good start to simulate an integration with the environement. Remember it is Flash, not a ray tracer.
Right now my focus is to make the code flexible enough to let you choose the force/params that will drive this projection and even to define the way it will be projected... i do believe this could be an open door to semi faked things like shadowing and reflections. And with talented people like you, i'am pretty sure we'll start soon seeing some killer demos! I'm already curious the way you will use the code smile

06 Jul 2007 09:34 AM

steve said:

He's moving the light, and the bump/lighting is with surface normals with respect to light sources.

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