21 Sep 2011

Away Physics: brand new 3D physics engine for Away3D

by Rob Bateman Away Physics: brand new 3D physics engine for Away3D

Something we have been heavily hinting at over the last few weeks (and a topic we are insanely excited about) is the recent addition to the Away3D fold of a brand new codebase - the aptly titled Away Physics engine. This is a new 3D physics library - the result of a joining of forces between the Away3D team and the former JiglibFlash team, with the idea being the creation of a much more closely coupled engine specifically for Away3D use. You can try out Away Physics right now by checking out the new repository at http://www.github.com/away3d/awayphysics-core-fp11, and there is a new area in the forums specifically for any Away Physics-related questions. The library is firmly in alpha phase, but the code is already very useable for testing - the core of the engine is a conversion of the popular and solidly built Bullet physics engine and the results of our early tests have demonstrated its potential for use with Away3D - both in terms of speed and features. We'd love to hear any feedback you have for the Away Physics library, so if you're interested in taking it for a spin be sure to check out the example files - you can find them here: https://github.com/away3d/awayphysics-examples-fp11


24 Sep 2011 02:12 PM

sebbdk said:

this is pure awesome souce, just remember to update your flash-player to the latest RC or it wont work properly smile

25 Sep 2011 10:37 PM

rkn14 said:

Tested some days ago. Pretty cool, and usefull !!!
Good job !

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