22 Aug 2013

Away3D online presentations at the Flash Online Conference and Flash Camp Hawaii

by Rob Bateman Away3D online presentations at the Flash Online Conference and Flash Camp Hawaii

So how did this happen? We have back-2-back presentations coming up this Friday and Sunday on Away3D, and the good news is that both will be held online and be open to all comers.

Flash Online Conference #5 (http://gonchar.me/stage3d/)

Formally the Stage3D online conf, this live stream event in its 5th incarnation will kick off at 2pm UTC (3pm UK time), Friday 23rd Aug with a selection of presentations from the developers involved in today's cutting-edge Flash content. The full schedule can be seen on their site including such cool technologies as live-coding tool COLT and particle-busting 2D accelerated engine Genome2D. For the Away3D portion, be sure to tune in around 4.20pm where we will be presenting a feature on our new workflow tool Away Builder. The Flash Online conferences always get plenty of feedback and Q & A, so if you feel like getting your voice heard, be sure to login and join the discussion.

EDIT: If you're confused by all this multi-national UTC standard nonsense (as i was), here is a handly UTC timer countdown to ensure you don't miss out!

Flash Camp Hawaii (http://flashcamphawaii.com/)

The following day sees the kickoff of a two-day event being help both online and in the real world, broadcasting from Hawaii USA. From Aug 24th - 25th there will be a collection of presentations on Flash-related topics, including the design workflows of the new Flash CC tool, Flash use in education and of course, Flash and games. Our presentation is on the second day at 12pm local time, which works out as 11pm London time. We'll be talking about the Away3D 4.1 milestone that was reached earlier in July this year, what kind of improvements we've seen during that time, and what further advancements we can expect to see in the near-future. Should be an entertaining evening so feel free to join us if you can.


Adobe Connect Recordings for both these presentations are now available. Please click below to watch the recording you are after (the Away3D presentation for the Flash Online Conference occurs around 2/3 of the way in)

Flash Camp Hawaii - Introducing Away3D 4.1

Flash Online Conference #5 - Free, open source 3D authoring with Away Builder




23 Aug 2013 07:33 PM

SuperSam said:

Sounds interesting ! Too bad I missed the Stage3D online conference. Will there be any video of it uploaded somewhere ?

I'll try not to miss the second one, but as usual if recorded videos are available it's best smile

24 Aug 2013 08:21 PM

Rob Bateman said:


Yes, the recording of the conference is now available for anyone to view in case you missed it. Goto http://gonchar.me/blog/goncharposts/2061 for details

12 Oct 2013 08:21 PM

SuperSam said:

Thanks Rob for both videos, there was good stuff in there smile

I found that you made a talk at a Cambridge Game Creators event on June 4th.

There's a description of what you talked about here but unfortunately no video. Do you know if one is available somewhere or was it a "private" event ?

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