16 Aug 2012

Away3D at Reasons to be Creative

by Rob Bateman Away3D at Reasons to be Creative

As one of the best european creative events of the year, Flash on the Beach was a suitable opportunity for many Away3D community and core members to get together. This year, the conference has been renamed Reasons to be Creative, and promises the same mix of technical gymnastists and creative epiphanies, located slap in the middle of everyone's favourite British seaside town Brighton.

If your interested in catching up on the latest Away3D developments at RTBC, there will be two opportunities to do so - Rob Bateman will be speaking about Away3D's new position with Adobe and The Away Foundation in Forward the Foundation on Monday, while David Lenaerts will reveal some of the more interesting research projects he's been busy with in A Trick of Light on Wednesday. We also highly recommend you check out  Russian superfreak and friend of Away3D Eugene Zatepyakin on Wednesday with his session Actionscript Computer Vision, which delves into some of the more interesting things you can do with shaders and motion tracking. hope to see you there!

The Away3D Team



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