24 Jan 2014

Away3D 4.1.6 Release

by Rob Bateman Away3D 4.1.6 Release

The Away3D Team & The Away Foundation are pleased to announce a new update of the Away3D Flash engine, Away3D 4.1.6. This update contains may fixes and optimisations to the core functionality of the library, and we recommend updating any projects currently using Away3D 4.1 to take full advantage of these improvements. The release has also been fully tested with the newly launched Flash Player 12 and AIR 4.0 runtimes (release notes here), 

Alongside the fixes and optimisations, there have been several minor additions to functionality in order to assist with some problems we see regularly in Away3D use. These include:

  • Automatic smoothing option on 3DS files with no smoothing group data
  • Better event handling for adding and removing efffects methods on materials
  • Spritesheet animator compatibility with shadows
  • Coordinate system selector on lenses allowing the use of either left or right-handed projection systems

For a full list of fixes and updates, please view the Changelog.txt file in the master branch. A big thanx goes out to all community members who submitted pull requests or issue reports to the github repo - we are truly grateful for the help and support!

As always, you can visit the Away3D downloads page for binaries, source code and examples links. Or you can grab a bleeding-edge build from our github repos for core and examples.

Enjoy the new release!


04 Feb 2014 10:29 PM

Roger Crist said:

Fantastic! Perfect timing for me. I'm gearing up for a new Adobe AIR game project and I want to use Away3D. I've used Away3D in the past and I'm really excited that you guys are keeping this wonderful 3D engine alive. I'm really looking forward to cracking open the new version and seeing what it can do for my project.

Keep up the great work, guys!

14 May 2014 02:14 PM

Ludovic said:

Thanks for Away3D guys, it is so much better than any other library out there for me, its simplicity, the total control provided from doing everything in code makes it a real pleasure to work with Away3d. Awesome work thank you again.

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