27 Jul 2007


by Peter Kapelyan

Actual screenshots of the 3D engine capabilities....some of these DEMOS, you can move the mouse left/right- to move the dynamic 3D light! CLICK THE IMAGES TO SEE  ! Glow (no mouse movement) Bump (no mouse movement) Black and White (mouse movement) (dirty/realistic? ....Beware CPU HEAVY...) Realistic? (don't move mouse too much smile No Black Background Realistic type..(mouse movement) Black and White 2 (mouse movement)  THIS IS THE TURTLE YOU ARE USED TO SEEING:  AWAY3D DEMO TURTLE remember me? smile Just playing around - with limited capabilities and time + LIMITLESS imagination, I came across some amazing ways to create materials in AWAY3d (and could also be done to an extent in papervision3d as well)!  I had become quite tired of that "sea"ing that turtle I made - so I decided to see it - in a new light... Pirates of the Caribbean comes to mind smile I am Johnny Depp, there are sea turtles... The rest is up to you smile It is always fun "beta-testing" new 3D engines for me, and here are some possibilities. I have had the luxury of hacking my way through the amazing lessons Alexander has created, and finally make my way to recreating my own static 3D Turtle (that many might have become sea-sick of already too). Of course I am still having fun, but it is something anyone can do, as for any questions, (and as one of my best friends told me, and perhaps the greatest tool anyone can use) : USE YOUR IMAGINATION smile pete


27 Jul 2007 07:34 AM

xero / fontvir.us said:

i really like the 1st black and white one w/ the dynamic lighting! looking good f9!

27 Jul 2007 08:32 AM

mike said:

Planes perpendicular to the light in don't seem to recieve the light - which is odd because it seems to have worked when you took the screen shots.

27 Jul 2007 09:29 AM


Thanks xero- it's my fav too...! It reminds of a really old Black and White movie. smile

27 Jul 2007 12:50 PM

Mr.doob said:

So can I set that material with Away3D? Is it something like new GlowMaterial or something?

27 Jul 2007 07:36 PM

flashnine said:

Well, it's more like - sit there, and figure out how to make it look like that smile Fabrice told me he made 600 materials, so I have some catching up to do. The hope is the better, or best ones will be made into easy to use materials (right Alex?), but of course a bunch of crappy materials won't do anyone good!
It's done with the current Away3D - while I (and others) wait for the materials to be finished I figured I could throw in some ideas.

28 Jul 2007 12:09 PM

f9/flashnine said:

AWAY3D Realtime specular light DEMO...

This is the first time I am REALLY seeing the specular light in realtime, in Flash. Using Away3D’s Light3D, and 40wx50h sphere you can see what it looks like. All I have to say is:

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